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Overcoming Excuses

Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won't. Excuses wait until the opportunities pass to invite friends; resentment, depression and regret.

The Oxford dictionary defines an excuse as an attempt to soften the impact of blame, fault or offense. In other words, excuses are the lack of accountability for failing to keep your word to yourself. Statistics show that the majority of failures come from excuses. According to SWNS digital, the average American makes 2,190 excuses per day. The top five excuses are

I’m too tired. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. It’s too inconvenient. I’m too forgetful.

The truth of the matter is you're not too tired, you didn't plan effectively. You don't have enough money because you're mismanaging the money you currently bring in. You're simply mismanaging your time. The tasks isn't inconvenient it just appears to be difficult and you're afraid of the challenge. You're not too forgetful, it's simply not a priority for you at this time. Excuses typically stem from fear or lack of confidence.

Once you allow yourself to be swept up into the world wind of excuses you miss out on valuable opportunities and waste time. Before you know it, life has progressed and you find yourself stagnant. This is an incubator for negative self talk. It does not feel good to have nothing to show for yourself once you reach a certain level in life. My stance isn't from an ego driven place but a self loving place. If you love yourself, you allow yourself to flourish. You can't flourish with excuses, they literally rob you of your dreams.

Overcoming excuses

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