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Healing Mothers

Pastor Mike Jr has a recent video clip circulating on social media that speaks on purpose. In that video he talks about how we all have unique aggravations. Your unique aggravation is where your purpose lies. Once I heard this clip I had an epiphany, unhealed mothers are my calling! I've seen the firsthand effects of an unhealed mother who is now deep into her healing journey. I've seen and felt the impact of of an unhealed mother second hand through friendships and romantic relationships. I am now a mother. I’m very intentional about healing myself so that my child and future children won’t have to heal from me.

In this series we’re goin to talk about emotional enmeshed mothers, emotional numb/unavailable mothers, overbearing/anxiety ridden mothers …….. and then we’ll talk about the impact of a healed mother. What a healed mother looks like and why it is important for children to see their mothers healed.

Please feel free to offer feedback, I’d like to make this a conversational series. I hope to speak with you soon. Continue to bloom. 🌺

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